Kotipizza in brief

Kotipizza Group Oyj consists of three companies: Kotipizza Oy, a company managing the largest pizza chain in Finland, Helsinki Foodstock Oy, a company spesializing in logistics and wholesale, and Chalupa Oy, a company behind the Mexican-style restaurant chain of the same name. Kotipizza Group formerly operated under the name Frankis Group.

Kotipizza is a Finnish pizza restaurant chain founded in 1987. The chain now includes almost 270 restaurants which in 2014 had a combined sales of 70.2 million euros. More than 99% of all Kotipizza restaurants are run by independent franchises.

Kotipizza Group aims to launch new fast casual restaurant concepts specializing in affordable yet fresh and responsibly produced food in the Finnish market. The group’s first new concept is Chalupa, a Mexican-style chain starting in 2015.

Kotipizza Group is a publicly traded company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The group’s largest shareholders are funds managed by Sentica Partners Oy.


Founded: 1987
Restaurants: nearly 260 restaurants around Finland
Turnover: 13.5 MEUR (2015)
Combined sales of the Kotipizza chain: 77.3 MEUR (2015)
CEO: Tommi Tervanen

Report of Responsibility

1.11.2013: Download Kotipizza's Report of Responsibility (pdf file)


18.4.2013: Frankis Group places a three year bond (pdf file)
4.4.2013: Sweden’s first Kotipizza restaurant was opened in Gävle (pdf file)
21.3.2013: Kotipizza Oyj's comparable net sales increased in 2012 (pdf file)
8.8.2012: Tommi Tervanen will be appointed to CEO of Frankis Group (pdf file)
14.5.2012: First Kotipizza will be opened in Belgrad, Serbia (pdf file)